Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cocktail waitress (part 3)

Across the room I looked
And gyrated
Across the room she winked
And gyrated.
Steamy windows
From the body heat
Steamy windows
The crowd screams
The tempo rises and falls,
The rain falls.
Jolante just had a baby
She needed to get away
What's she gonna tell her mama now?
Another man to break her heart?
Another man to lose his life tonight?

The wind blows,
The cold and rain wrestle for the throne.
When I was younger I would have offered my coat.
We shared a smoke.
She calls me Mr Mr Poet man
(I like that she added)
But she won't see me again
I am just like all of them:
"....Staying a moment or two,
Staying a week or two,
And what about a lifetime?
Put a ring on it m**fker!"

Jolante run off
The waiting taxi sped off
Mr poet man sauntered off
The tears and rain freely mixing
A deadly cocktail to sip from
To slip from.
The cocktail waitresses' ring lies in the mud.

D E Wasake
4 Feb 2012

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