Thursday, 25 October 2012

Freedom (Oh Captain! My Captain!)

Oh Captain! My Captain!
When will we be free?
Free to return to the land of our birth
Mafudu in Sironko district,
You land who birthed us, let us run in your brown soils,
You land who gave us the dreams of our fathers, now carrying the graves of our ancestors,
Salutations from these nether lands.
I walk alone upon Jersey's shore
It's winter and so the Warbler sleeps
It's winter and the flowers rest
My soul won't rest
I cradle the girl child in my heart
Let her shed a tear for her poor daddy
He toils all the days of life
So she will feast on ambrosia and nectar
The young captain turns the final stretch, home is sighted.
A slight smile forms,
And then a tear, A flood, a heart break.
Whose graves are these?
Oh Captain! My Captain!
When will we be free?

D E Wasake
17 Feb 2012

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